Posey: 2 months

Well, actually 9 weeks, but who’s counting! The major milestone this month is smiling and laughing. It’s the best. At first it’s hard b/c you invest everything into your child, but there is no feedback whatsoever. When they start responding to you and laughing, you’re heart literally melts!! I’ve so become that mushy gushy mom that I said I would never be You know the one…the one who insists that you look at all their baby pictures!!

For those of you who asked, I got the leg warmers as a gift from my friend Hannah Parker, but you can buy them at “The Children’s Shop” here in Ruston or online. Search google for “baby leg warmers”. They are so awesome, b/c not only are they cute, but you don’t have to take them off to change a stinky diaper.


Check out the leg warmers…did someone say flash dance??



We started building our new house yesterday!

Bad hair day??

Hanging with dad



Dad doing what he does so well….talking on the cell